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  • vogue, elle, Harper's bazaar, editorial, designer, designer bags, designer handbags, luxury, vegan, vegan luxury, vegan designer bags, vegan handbags, sustainable fashion, vegan bag, high end bags, luxury living, eco, green, fashion designer

Unique vegan and sustainable luxury fashion designer handbags and more - since 2012

We are the label for vegan & sustainable luxury handbags and accessories. We do not sell our handbags in online stores, because luxury means individuality and uniqueness for us.

Only selected stores are allowed to offer our limited collections, like the Gallery Malina store in Berlin Mitte or the Flying Solo store in New York City on Broadway.

Our handbags are the best match for the red carpet and other glamorous events. You will not accidentally meet someone else with the same bag at the same event, because each bag is unique.

If you wish, we can make your individual Premium handbag according to your wishes/colors/materials (...also from flowers from your garden) in our studio here in Berlin. You can get a making of preview if you want to get to know our founder and fashion designer. Or would you like to rent a bag for a special event/styling or photo shoot? That is also possible!

We can make the bags as classic, crazy and diverse as you want, fitting to your lifestyle, to your desired comfort. In short: as individual as you are and above all also as special.

We think outside the box and don't follow trends - we create them!

The bags that can be seen on our Instagram profile or our website can also be purchased from us, just ask us.




PETA Vegan Fashion Award Winner

Seen on the catwalks of New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week and presented by Berlin Fashion Week as a sustainable designer brand.
We would like to take you on our journey to make the fashion world more sustainable, ethical and vegan place - for a better future.

LUCKYNELLY - BERLIN, the genuine fashion designer label for vegan and ethical luxury handbags and accessories, that combines high end luxury with sustainability, greatest empathy and shows how extraordinarily beautiful vegan and ecological products can be.

Our founder and Dipl. Fashion head-designer, Christine Rochlitz, does produce the actually collections by herslf and through the design process unique pieces of art are created.

Represented by PETA and part as Designer brand of Berlin and NEW YORK Fashion Week, LUCKYNELLY redefines luxury and is a pioneer in vegan .and sustainable luxury handbags.

LUCKYNELLY is 100% {PETA APPROVED VEGAn} and does not compose vegan products with genuine leather.

Unique vegan elegance, inspiration and innovation – cruelty-free – vegan - sustainable.

With unique designs and innovative sustainable materials LUCKYNELLY - BERLIN has established itself internationally at the fashion market since 2012.

"With LUCKYNELLY you own a unique piece of art with a sense of delight."

Our Statement: "be fashion - be style - be cruelty-free"

Our Handbags and accessories are "THE" luxurious alternative to the expensive luxury handbags of the big fashion houses with their products of genuine exotic leather and fur.

Best international ecopreneurs 2021 awarded by sublime magazine


For our handbags we use always  innovative ecological and susstainable vegan materials as the genuine sewable wood, real sewable slate stone, Piñatex, apple skin, organic velvet, cork, malai (coconut "leather") and many more. We do produce our products in our studio in berlin, Germany,,  to generate a most sustainable supply chain.


Our fashion accessories as belts, bracelets, chokers and other fashion products are matching to the actually collections and are made of the same materials as our handbags.


The unique jewelry art pieces are made from finest metal parts and we offer jewelry made of sterling silver, different karat gold, platinum and even diamonds on personal request.r

LUCKYNELLY does not support the use of animals for fashion and shows that innovative alternatives to (exotic) animal leather can be also very stylish and exclusive.

“We would like to encourage more people to opt against fashion, that is made of animals, because they are kept, bred and killed mostly under terrible conditions. This includes fur, leather, silk and wool.”

we work with the best specialists in this Segment under highest Quality. The Materials are from the best Producers in the world, under specifications of Vegan Material and under Fairest Conditions to Workers.

In 2014, LUCKYNELLY won the PETA Vegan Fashion Award in the Category "Best Accessory for Ladies" with a wooden belt. Since then, LUCKYNELLY has cooperated very closely with the PETA organization and therefore 5 euros of every product is spend to animal welfare.

PETA, vegan
PETA, vegan

LUCKYNELLY is ranked VVV+, the highest level of the ethical rating Animal free fashion by LAV

Animal Free, PETA, vegan

Limited Editions / Name ENGRAVING with Laser Technology

On personal request we provide our products with limited edition number and name engraving

For Inquiries and to order our Products directly from our Studio / Showroom

E-Mail: order@luckynelly.com

Studio / Showroom only by Appointment  

Gallery Malina  -  Auguststr. 82, 10117 Berlin  -  Fashion Gallery & Concept Store for Sustainable and Innovative Labels  

Flying solo Store -  The Largest Independent Designer platform in the US

📍 420 W Broadway, New York, USA

Head Quarter:


Kaiserin-Augusta-Str. 27, 12103 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 75 651 197

Mail: INfo@luckynelly.com

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